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Food Allergy Information


This letter is to inform you that there are students in our school with life threatening allergies to peanuts/tree nuts. Some students have such a high sensitivity to the peanut/tree nut protein that even a trace amount from a known peanut/nut product or a food product/item that has come in contact with a peanut/nut source (cross contamination) and is ingested can result in a life threatening anaphylactic reaction. The most serious reaction being respiratory difficulties, blockage of the airways, which if not medicated immediately, can lead to death.
The plan is designed to ensure that students at risk are identified, strategies are in place to minimize the potential for accidental exposure and staff and key volunteers are trained to respond in an emergency situation. To provide the minimized allergen environment we need the support and cooperation of you, the parents/guardians and the school community. Therefore we are putting the following safety guidelines into effect:
•    Students are asked to bring lunches and snacks free of peanuts and tree nuts and products that may contain peanuts/ tree nuts such as donuts, granola bars, etc. We ask you to read food labels, checking for peanut/nut ingredients prior to sending food to school. Truly, this is a life saving measure. If you have caregivers who provide your child(ren) with lunches or snacks we encourage you to share this informational letter with them.
•    We will not be doing any classroom projects that involve peanut butter (like bird feeders) or peanut shells (art projects). Please do not send any of these projects into the classroom with your child.
•    Birthday parties are a special time for children, but can be a difficult time for the food-allergic child. If you would like to send in baked goods, please be careful about the ingredients. Please list the ingredients on the outside of the package and when preparing  "treats" please pay close attention to cross contamination in your kitchen. To prevent cross-contamination,  it is necessary that cooking utensils and preparation surfaces be carefully washed after each food is touched.
•    If your child ate peanut butter for breakfast, we would greatly appreciate your making sure that his/her hands are washed with soap and water before leaving for school. Water alone does not do the trick!
•   We realize this request may require added planning and effort on your part when packaging your child's lunch and snacks, however, we wish to express our sincere appreciation for your support and cooperation.


Shane Alexander 7-12 Principal/Superintendent

Tabitha Gilsdorf K-6 Principal

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