Bloomfield Elementary Upper Block Students & Parents

On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, Bloomfield Public Schools will begin a closure to help limit the spread of COVID-19 across the community. The closure will last at least until Monday, March 31, 2020, at which time district staff will reassess the latest health information to determine next steps in consultation with public health officials. 

We strive to continue learning opportunities for students through a closure. 
These resources are available for your family. If you have questions specific to your student's classroom or school, please contact your teacher or principal directly by email.

3rd Grade & 3-6 Math

Amy Fiedler


4th Grade & 3-6 English

Cassandra Suing


5th Grade & 3-6 S. Studies

Jeff Fehringer


6th Grade & 3-6 Science

Laura Hauger



Bridget Sees

Ms. Sees contact info.

K-6 Principal

Tabitha Gilsdorf


Continued Learning Opportunities for Students:

In the event of an extended school closure due to health concerns, learning opportunities remain a priority. We have plans in place to ensure students can stay engaged throughout this closure.

Students in Elementary School:

All elementary students will receive learning packets either by picking them up at the elementary school office or by delivery if requested. They can be viewed online, also, and responses written on notebook paper if desired. The packets are grade-specific and provide lessons on Reading, English, Science, Social Studies, and Math. Families are asked to complete the packets throughout the closure. A calendar of the assignments for the next two weeks will be posted on the school website. You can also follow this link.

Continued Learning During School Closure